A RADICAL VIEW – You shouldn’t be surprised

by johnwilliamlindsay

Most people who know me know that I spent 35 years in the insurance business – mostly involved with selling insurance to business owners.  I’ve never been able to figure out the whole health insurance nonsense.  I was never really too involved with it – our company did little of it and when they did, they weren’t very good at it.

Hillary took a run at fixing it in the 90’s, and she botched the job.  She made no friends in the process and probably set a solution back 25 years – I know, I was in one of the meetings in Washington, and she’s a scary woman.  My mother was scarier, so she didn’t scare me much.  As I have gotten closer to the “magic” numbers – 65 for Medicare and something more for Social Security, one fact has become pretty clear to me.  We have two things that the government does reasonably well:  Social Security and Medicare.  I have talked to many of my friends on Medicare as I approach the magic age, and without exception, their reaction has been something close to “you’ll love it”.

So why can’t we agree to do for the rest of America what Medicare has done for our seniors?  Because we are led by greedy and people, and because they are leaders because we are lazy citizens and gullible to boot.