by johnwilliamlindsay

I wrote this in 2011, and every time I read it, I find I still like it.  It is a little extreme for me, but sometimes I feel like I have to push back against those who take advantage of us.  Let me know what you think.

As I sit down to write this, we are a few days out from the capture and execution of Osama Bin Laden. It is apparent that the Pakistanis need some things explained to them from my perspective, because I am the guy that writes the checks.

A little history is in order. This is the guy that either gave the orders or gave his blessing on any number of attacks not only on Americans, but good people of every race and creed (including his own) over the past 20 years. Many died. They had families, dependents and futures. At the end of the day, it became obvious that we were going to have to go and get him. My father was not a profane man, by any stretch of the imagination. He was a quiet man who believed what he believed, and said little. He had a word though, for anything that just didn’t make sense – it was “bullshit”. That is the category where I put your claim that we violated your sovereignty when we snatched Bin Laden – Bullshit. Look up a picture of the burning towers of the World Trade Center, where 3000 innocents died that day, many trying to rescue others. That was a violation of national sovereignty. It is not about revenge, it is about cutting out evil at its root.

You have the audacity to harbor this guy and then shake your fist at us when we did what you couldn’t or wouldn’t for ten years. Enough is enough. Period. And by the way, about reducing our presence in your country to “minimum” levels. Consider it done, and we will do you one better. We’re gone, and the money is gone. As for your friends in Afghanistan, we got what we came for. Deal with what you get when we are gone. Deal with the Indians. See how your balance of power in the region works now.

Oh, by the way, the average of $2 billion we have sent you over the last ten years? Kiss it good bye. We have some folks we need to take care of. We have people starving and dying in our cities for lack of health care, proper nutrition and proper education. Somebody estimated that 80% of what we have sent you has been misappropriated or stolen outright. One thing we know, it didn’t go for intelligence.

The thing you have going for you is that we are not all the hard-ass rednecks you think we are. We are suckers for a starving child or news of a local disaster anywhere on earth. Oh we’ll still be there for that. You got caught with your pants down and your hand out. Deal with it. And deal with the death merchants of Radical Islam in your own way. And we will deal with them in ours.  Radical Islam whose apparent goal is to turn the rest of the world into that shithole that is most of the Middle East.

For the time being, we will deal with them with surgical strikes like the Navy Seals. I have a hunch your folks didn’t lift a finger when we got there, because you had more than a good idea what you were up against. We can come after you with 24 guys in a helicopter or drop one in your living room from 60000 feet, and anything in between. We have introduced you to the Navy Seals. We’ve got a few more groups who could probably have done the same job. Like the Rangers – they’ve been around since the 1750’s. They taught the French about light fighters in the Seven Years War. Then there’s the Green Berets, they can be a little nasty, too. There’s the Marines and the good old US Army. Those are the guys in Camo that buy your kids coloring books. We’re used to fighting guys who don’t play by the rules. You and the rest of the world have gotten too used to us playing by the rules. Now deal with it.