Michaelangelo’s God

by johnwilliamlindsay

Michaelangelo's God

I’ve watched enough History Channel, and studied enough and thought enough to come to the conclusion that most of what the Judaeo Christian world believes it draws not from the Scriptures, but from the Renaissance images by the “Masters” – the hired guns who painted on walls, ceilings, and the like, funded by the Medicis, and other local bigwigs of the day.   If you were illiterate, or at least had no access to the scriptures personally, you took your facts from the ceiling, or from a statue of David, or Mary or whomever.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Michelangelo’s God is just that: An Artists rendering.  But they put no disclaimer on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  You see, I look at this the same way as I did when I was a kid, loaded down with a Bible bigger than my head that I received as a birthday present the week I learned to read.  Those Pictures are ALL in there, mixed in among the scriptures.  “Why did God need ears?”  My mother didn’t want to hear those questions.  “If God made Adam and Eve, and they had three sons, where did the rest of the people come from?”  Run that one past your Redneck senatorial candidate, and he will likely say, “Devil, get thee behind me!”  That’s what evangelicals say when they are tested beyond their means.

I am not an atheist.  Maybe an agnostic, if you are ok with the definition of an agnostic as someone who is ok with “I don’t know – can’t know” it’s just not in my power – right now.